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        Karen Connelly
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        The Courage Room and OEI Trauma Therapy

        My therapy practice is called The Courage Room. I write more about my approach in Work with Karen.

        I am very pleased to be one of the first therapists in Central Canada to be offering OEI, Observed Experiential Integration therapy, a somatic and neuroscience-informed trauma therapy developed by Audrey Cook and Dr. Rick Bradshaw. OEI integrates traditional talk therapy with a gentle approach to uncovering and managing different symptoms left over from traumatic events (these symptoms can include relationship difficulties, insomnia, nightmares, and unmanagable re-experiencing of traumatic memory). OEI empowers clients with simple eye-to-brain exercises that can help them to work with their symptoms in therapy and on their own. Twenty years ago, as Audrey Cook’s client, OEI changed my life when I was struggling with childhood sexual abuse.

        While I am and will always be a writer, my professional focus in the last few years has been on my therapeutic practice. I am a relational therapist with a long history in social justice work and teaching at the graduate level. I am a qualifying psychotherapist in the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counselling Program (OPC) and a member of CAPT.

        My work as a political witness in Myanmar, Thailand and other countries led me to develop the gift of listening to any story, no matter how difficult. My Buddhist studies, begun at the age of seventeen in a village in northern Thailand, inform my empathic, open-hearted, and grounded position as a therapist. My life as a writer has led me to create The Courage Room Approach, a way for clients to work personally and deeply with the stories of their lives and their own internal resources, including but not limited to courage.

        By inviting you to explore your own courage, I help you to uncover, reframe, and even rewrite the stories of your life. We are all ‘made up’ of extraordinary and perfectly ordinary stories. Like writing, conversation is a creative act, and creativity itself is part of healing. In our work together, I invite you to talk, to be silent, to rest and to breathe. To see and to be seen. To be safe in relationship.

        I offer affordable (sliding scale) therapy in person, by telephone, and online by Zoom and Skype. Please contact me at karen@ to arrange a preliminary consultation.


        I love working with other writers to develop their manuscripts, though I am slowly transitioning from editorial work to a full therapeutic practice. Beginning in May, I will consider working with one or two writers. I prefer strong manuscripts past ‘the sentence stage’ of development. These are books (and writers) in need of serious editorial direction but already at a high level of craft.

        For others with manuscripts at earlier stages of development, I also advise writers through the Humber School for Writers. My next seven month mentorship program there begins in January, 2021.

        Please see the Work with Karen tab above to find our more about my offerings.

        Thank you for visiting my website.

        A Glance in . . . The Change Room, my new novel, on sale the week of April 10, 2017. This book will make you laugh . . . and provoke other physical reactions . . . I hope this is the first of many my friends . . .


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        Follow me on YouTube for my latest videos and readings.




        Join the discussion. Click to see my latest blog.




        Contact me about The Courage Room Online, Therapy and Public Speaking.

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